Visidyne, Inc. has joined with Aero Vision Technologies International (AVTi), a division of Discovery Air Technical Services (DATS), Inc. (based in Canada), to form a new company, AVTi-USA, headquartered in Burlington, MA. A mission of this new company is to extend the capabilities of AVTi and Discovery Air into the United States. Visidyne’s intellectual property (IP) will be a basis for future developments and applications. A focus will be scientific analysis of remote measurements of the earth and its atmosphere made by aircraft primarily, but including balloons and satellites. In addition, new sensors with improved capabilities for making such measurements will be developed and deployed.


Creation of AVTi-USA, left to right Yves Leblicq (President of AVTi), Jean Tremblay (Mayor of Saguenay, Que, headquarters of AVTi) and A.T. Stair (President of Visidyne)