Monocular 3-D Imaging

A monocular imager that is capable of generating 3-D images at the sub-millimeter level has been invented and is under development by Visidyne as a prototype for a NASA optical hazard landing system. The underlying patented technologies provide for a system of medium and high-powered infrared systems that illuminate a scene with intensity modulated light at frequencies up to 10 MHz.  The received backscattered light yields an image of the scene and also provides a time/distance scale that a specialized CCD chip converts into a base band signal to generate range and intensity values for each pixel. The illuminator was designed and built for hi-power, long-range illumination.


Applications: Landing system guidance, industrial inspection, medical applications, facial recognition, identification of military targets for kinetic hit-to-kill interceptors and targets under difficult conditions of low contrast, partially obscured, and/or behind foliage.